Athapapuskow Lake Area – “Lake Athapap”

Athapapuskow Lake is located 45 km south of Flin Flon and 700 km north of Winnipeg. The lake is over 70 miles long and 12 miles wide. It has over 2500 km of shoreline and more than 1100 islands with depths of 160 ft. plus.

The lake is divided practically in half, with the north shore bordering the Canadian Shield with granite rock and the south side consisting primarily of limestone with beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch the shoreline for miles. There are numerous bays in which you are sheltered from the wind on those nasty days when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Geographically speaking, Athapapuskow Lake is an intersection of 4 major river waterways. Each of the 4 rivers drain into a system of chain lakes connected together by tributaries which flow into Athapap from 4 different directions. Consequently, Athapapuskow Lake and area is home to the largest variety of fish species in Canada.

The village of Cranberry portage is situated on the shore Athapapuskow Lake. It has a population of approximately 1000 people. The village has all the basic amenities including a hardware store, groceries, 2 gas bars, local hotel and convenience store.

Being on the cusp of the Canadian Shield, the area surrounding Athapapuskow has some of the most spectacular views in Canada. From the pristine waters to the rugged rock, one will never tire of sightseeing in the area. You can also get lost in the peaceful serenity of miles and mile of forest. Come see for yourself and indulge in one of the Wilderness Wonderlands of Northern Manitoba!!