There is no doubt fishing at Athapapuskow Lake is fantastic!!

Thus far, this lake has held 3 World Records:

  • Lake Trout weighing in at 62lb.8oz (held for over 40 years)
  • 6 lb. line class record with a 44lb Lake Trout
  • 22 lb.8 oz. Burbot

The Lake Athapap area has a vast amount of fish species which
invariably allows you to apply any of the techniques common to fishing.

  • Fly fishing – Streams and rivers for trout, but who is to say you
    can’t land that large northern pike or pickerel on a still evening
    or calm day on the lake.
  • Bait Casting – can be practiced virtually on any body of water
  • Down rigging –lake fishing to capture the big ones
  • Jigging and Trolling – most commonly used
  • Spear and Bow fishing – Latest trend offering new challenges

Don’t forget ice fishing!! Imagine bringing home a trophy through the ice! Tonapah Lodge has converted campers into ice fishing chalets for your comfort. Have a soft seat, propane heat and a full kitchen to enjoy your winter fishing adventure. If fishing gets the best of you, there is even a place for a quick snooze or overnight stay. The chalets are placed on skids and can be moved at your request.

Tonapah Lodge can provide:

  • 16ft. or larger Aluminum boats
  • Experienced local guides
  • Tackle and bait from our in-house store
  • Ice fishing chalet rentals
  • In-house fishing derbies

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Fishing Lake Athapap

Please do not hesitate to e-mail or give us a call for rates and fishing packages that are available!